I’m asked time after time “ how can I make this dress do everything “! There are ways and means of dressing up, and down, any dress, the solution is accessories! I believe our clothes should work for their money - so one outfit should be able to be worn for several occasions - work , date night, coffee with the girls, or even just a drink at the pub!

Lets start with a basic LBD (little black dress!) Ok, so black may not be your colour - but you could try a dark rich brown, navy, or a grey. Choose the colour that compliments your skin tone. (I’ll be talking about colour in the next few months.)

Now, if we add to that dress a pair of pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace, there is a classic outfit that would take you to the best restaurant or cocktail do! If you find classic pearls too dated for you - then check out these from John Lewis. Audrey Hepburn looked fabulous in the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the look has never dated.

These are on the pricey side (£95.00) but they will be so useful - wear with jeans and t-shirt, or shirt, but there will be less expensive similar ones out there.

If you decide to go for statement earrings, then choose an understated necklace - perhaps just a plain chain. You can’t go wrong with a single diamond (or similar !) or pearl, on a chain

These gorgeous earrings are from Jaeger - and they look fab, but either leave your necklace at home, or just wear a fine chain.

This statement piece is from John Lewis and I think it would “dress down” a plain dress- wonderful strong colours and would look stunning against a dark background. Again, if you are wearing a statement necklace - keep to plain studs for earrings.

Necklaces don’t have to be short - try a long necklace, aim for it to end just below the bust line.

This one is from Hobbs, and it would be a useful addition to any jewellery wardrobe.

Apart from jewellery, scarves, handbags and shoes are all classed as accessories - as you know, I love my nude court shoes - they go with everything! But if you’re wearing opaque or fine black tights black shoes look elegant, but there’s nothing to stop you choosing red, blue, or even metallic shoes, depending on how you feel! Handbags don’t necessarily have to match shoes - sometimes a shoe and handbag match can look as if you’ve tried too hard.

Personally I find a small handbag a real challenge - I seem to want to carry everything - just in case!! But for those special occasions, I do manage to keep everything to a minimum! I even have a special purse just for my small bags, and keep my larger one for everyday use.

Don’t like sleeveless? You could try a floaty kimono worn as a coat over the top of the dress

This one is from Mint Velvet (£69.00) It would look fab over a white or navy knee length dress.

Go on - have a play with the accessories you already have, and check out the stores, many high street fashion boutiques now stock inexpensive jewellery, and it really can make a difference, and make that LBD go a lot further in your wardrobe!

Let’s look fabulous!

Don’t forget, if you would like any help with your wardrobe, or you would like some advice get in touch.

Love Chris x

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