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About Me


Hi, I’m Chris Jones, a fashion designer, a personal stylist and image consultant with a diploma from the London College of Style and over 20 years of styling experience.


Being petite myself and knowing the struggles of being shorter, I specialise in how to dress the body-shapes and physiques of petite women over 50 with wardrobe management, colour analysis, and style personality.


I've worked with Hobbs, LKBennett and Mint Velvet, and I've had many returning customers who have now become friends.

My mantra is ‘buy less – choose well’ and, alongside this, it's my mission to make sure that your personality, lifestyle, and body-shape are at the core of everything we do.


It's about enabling you to walk away feeling renewed and brimming with confidence.


Both my personal styling and colour analysis services will provide you with a relaxing, enlightening and rejuvenating experience to help you feel and look your very best.

It's time for 50+ petite women to feel fabulous.

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