Online Colour Analysis and Styling

I hope this finds you and yours all well and coping with life with a smile! It’s quite testing and we all have good and not so good days. And that’s fine - make sure to go easy on yourself.

I’ve managed to keep pretty busy with the garden and doing my live Facebook chats - which I hope you have enjoyed and found helpful! (There’s more to come too!). If you've not seen them yet, make sure to join the group and check out my past videos here:

I’m also really excited about finally being able to offer colour analysis and style consultations online! What a time - I'm so glad I've been able to pivot my business offering. And trust me, the methods I can share with you now are incredible.

Now, you know how much I love colour analysis, and what a difference it can make - not only with appearance, but also with confidence, both in the workplace and social life - and now could be the perfect time to book one in.

So, how does colour analysis work online?

For both colour analysis and style consultations, you'd just send me a few photographs of yourself (preferably facing a window and without make-up for the colour analysis) and then I just work my magic.

When we remotely meet up again, I'll be able to show you which colours or styles are your best friends. We can even check out your wardrobe and see where we can make changes!

You'll also get a colour swatch book through the post to take with you on your shopping adventures. Trust me - these things make shopping a cinch.

These online sessions are normally £115, but I'd love to offer them to you for just £99 during May. Just reply to this email and we'll get you booked in.

In the meantime, go have a wonderful day. Stay safe and be good to each other.

Chris x

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