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Online Colour Analysis and Styling

I’m able to offer colour analysis and style consultations online

Now, you know how much I love colour analysis, and what a difference it can make - not only with appearance, but also with confidence, both in the workplace and social life - and now could be the perfect time to book one in.

So, how does colour analysis work online?

For both colour analysis and style consultations, you'd just send me a few photographs of yourself (preferably facing a window and without makeup for the colour analysis) and then I just work my magic.

When we remotely meet up again via zoom I'll be able to show you which colours or styles are your best friends. We can even check out your wardrobe and see where we can make changes. I also include makeup and hair advice too.

  • You will get a digital swatch that you can upload onto your phone to take shopping with you.

  • With the digital swatch you will receive a guide with your colours - explaining exactly what to look for.

  • You will also receive my eBook on how to have a fabulous wa

rdrobe. This includes such topics as- building a capsule wardrobe, investment dressing, how to store clothes and decluttering!

  • You will no longer make expensive mistakes when out shopping

  • Shopping becomes easier, as you know what colours to avoid

  • Just think of the compliments!

This is an amazing way to start your styling experience, and I have never met anyone who has regretted learning the colours that work for her!

The investment for this amazing transformation is £190.

Book a call if you would like to learn more

Chris x

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