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The column of colour

The column of colour is a great way to elongate the body and help petite women look slimmer and more polished. It creates a vertical line that gives the illusion of length.

But how do we do this?

Wearing tops and bottoms in the same - or similar colour- creates a column. You could then add another colour on top - eg a jacket or cardigan. You would still have that column underneath.

Another example is wearing trousers and a jacket in the same colour, but add a pop of colour in a blouse or top, on the inside of the column you have created.

Don’t forget you can always add a pop of colour with accessories too.

Wearing toning colours from top to toe helps create a seamless look.

Get to know your neutral palette, for warm skin tones it may be caramels, brown or green for those who are autumns, whereas for springs the colours will be brighter and clearer, such as a light taupe, or mushroom colours.

For those with cool skin tones - winters may opt for black, dark grey, or navy, whereas the summers may go for a light grey, lighter navy or pink.

Knowing your neutral colours helps with putting outfits together. Toning trousers and tops with a bag and shoes that blend in can look stunning.

Experiment with what you have in your wardrobe - you may well be surprised!

Don't forget, I'm here to help and if you would like any help with colour or style - book a call!

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