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Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes petite women are not confident just because they are petite

A petite woman may be short, but that doesn’t mean she is a size 6 or 8 - I know I’m not! And being of different shapes and sizes is often a challenge for petite women.

But, having a great capsule wardrobe that works with her colouring and style can help enormously.

I have been an advocate of buying less but buying quality, whether for work or for a social life. Think about the cost per wear. If you buy say, a quality coat that lasts for many years, then it will cost less per wear than something much cheaper, that only lasts a season. Buying quality clothes that work for your size and shape makes life much easier.

Once you have a capsule wardrobe, you know that whatever you choose to wear looks great, you feel fabulous and realise how much easier shopping for clothes can be.

Start with your basic neutrals - depending on your skin tone, black, navy or grey for cool skin tones and caramel, green, or a rich brown for warm skin tones. Having the top ha

lf, skirt and trousers in a neutral colour, or toning colours, can m

ake you appear and feel taller.

Choose a colour that will add contrast and then keep that elongation, so helpful for Petites. Think about a column of colour.

For example, having a navy jacket or cardigan, trousers and a skirt, add a red blouse, and a white (or cream) T-shirt to the collection, and you already have several easy outfits to grab and go!

Add accessories that show your personality, with brooches, scarves, necklaces, shoes and handbags. They needn’t be expensive either - look for unusual pieces - perhaps vintage, or something handmade, craft fairs can be a good source of inspiration.

Think how easy shopping would be, knowing what colourway you are looking for that would tone in with your existing wardrobe.

Everything in your wardrobe will work together - whatever you pick.

In my wardrobe eBook, “How to have a wonderful wardrobe” I give examples of capsule wardrobes - whether for holiday or staying at home. Head over to If you would like a copy.

I hope this helps and has given you some ideas.

If you would like to learn more - why not book a discovery call ?

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