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My Colour Story

Warm palette- Autumn Cool palette - Summer

I originally had my colours “done” a few years ago when my hair was much darker than it is now, And it really opened my eyes - I learnt quickly how and why warm colours, such as camel just don’t suit me (and still don’t) they make me look tired and ill. The few times I wore those colours, I was often asked if I was poorly!

I have a cool skin tone, so all those warm colours just don’t work for me at all. I was soon shown just how cool colours can make me look so much better. They bring out the colour of my eyes, make my skin look clearer, and even make me look slimmer! I was definitely a Winter - Think of the colours you would see on a crisp clear winter's day.

All those colours looked fabulous on me.

As I’ve aged, my hair has gone arctic blonde (white!) and I have lost some of the depth of colour in my lips, so, whereas the Winter colours once suited me beautifully, now I look better in the softer colours of the summer palette.

Think of a watercolour painting of an English summer's day - soft, and muted, but still have a blue undertone, but they are not quite as strong as the winter colours.

Can you see what a difference there is between the warm (on the left) and cool colour palettes (on the right) in the above photos, and how the cool summer colours look fabulous against my skin tone?

I did a consultation recently for Sheila and I learned whilst we were chatting that she was reluctant to leave the house and was generally lacking confidence, she had had a big life change and it had affected her.

I bumped into a friend of Sheilas a few days after the consultation, who said what a difference I had made to Sheila, she had sorted out her wardrobe an gained the confidence to go out, meet people and socialise more. She also made the comment that Sheila looked absolutely fabulous and years younger!

Now Sheila has a new lease on life and is thoroughly enjoying herself.

That is the power of knowing you look fabulous!

If you would like to gain that sort of confidence and look and feel amazing, then get in touch for a free informal chat. I’d love to hear from you.

Click on the link to learn more - with no obligation

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