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Embracing Your True Colours: A Journey to Confidence and Style

Have you ever felt like your clothes just didn't quite match who you are? Perhaps you've experienced the frustration of wearing colours that drain your complexion, leaving you feeling tired and uninspired. If so, you're not alone. Many of us go through life unaware of the powerful impact that colour can have on our appearance and confidence.

I remember the first time I had my colours "done" many years ago. At the time, my hair was much darker, and I was unaware of how much it influenced my overall look. Warm colours like camel seemed to wash me out, leaving me looking tired and unwell. It wasn't until I discovered that I have a cool skin tone that everything clicked into place. Suddenly, cool colours became my best friend, bringing out the sparkle in my eyes, enhancing my complexion, and even giving the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Identifying as a Winter, I just loved the vibrant hues of a crisp, clear winter's day. Those colours made me feel unstoppable. But as time passed and my hair transformed into a stunning arctic blonde, I found myself drawn to the softer, muted tones of a summer palette. Picture a watercolour painting of an English summer's day – gentle, serene, with a subtle blue undertone that complements my complexion perfectly.

The transformation wasn't just about appearance; it was about confidence and self-assurance. Recently, I had the privilege of doing a consultation for Sheila, a woman who was experiencing a significant life change and was struggling with confidence issues. As we delved into her wardrobe and discussed colours, I could sense her hesitation and uncertainty.

But as we began to explore her palette, something magical happened. With each garment that Sheila tried on, I watched as her posture straightened, her eyes lit up, and a newfound confidence radiated from within. It was as if she was seeing herself in a new light – one that embraced her true colours and celebrated her unique beauty.

In the days that followed, I received word from a friend of Sheila's who couldn't stop raving about the transformation. Not only had Sheila found the courage to venture out of her comfort zone, but she looked absolutely radiant while doing so. With her newfound sense of style and confidence, Sheila was embracing life with a renewed vigor, seizing every opportunity with enthusiasm.

The power of knowing you look fabulous is not just about vanity; it's about embracing who you are and allowing your inner beauty to shine through. Whatever season you are, never underestimate the transformative power of colour. 

So go ahead, discover your true colours, and watch as confidence and style become your ultimate accessories.

Chris x

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