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Embrace the Colours of Spring: How to Add Green and Yellow to Your Wardrobe

I’m so glad that March has finally arrived, and with it comes slightly longer days, the beginnings of new growth in the hedgerows and gardens and thoughts of warmer days ahead. It’s such an exciting time of year seeing the daffodils and young shoots appearing! This made me think about colours; the bright, fresh greens and the yellows of the daffodils - just seeing them helps lift our spirits! So how do we translate this springtime into our wardrobe? Colours have an amazing effect on both the wearer and the onlooker, and green and yellow can so often be colours we avoid because, well, they don’t suit us, do they!? But they can!

Wearing colours can change your mood in ways we don’t often consider. If you’re stuck in a black rut, think about adding some yellow to your wardrobe - it always helps lift our spirits. It’s often associated with feelings of self-love and self-worth, so it can be quite an emotional colour for some women. And what about green? Green is a calming colour and instils balance. It’s said green can help with decision-making and can help with new challenges

I’ll post in the future about how colours can affect more than just the way we look. But for now, let’s talk about *how* to wear new colours.

Here’s three of the best ways to add the springtime greens and yellows (or any colour you’ve been avoiding) into your wardrobe.

1. Find your shade.

We can definitely all shy away from colour, especially when we talk about yellow. But actually, yellow is a colour we can all wear! Maybe not the bright primary colour we initially think of, but a pale cream or a strong dark mustard colour, or even a bright acid yellow! Just experiment with shades to find your perfect match.

2. It’s all in the details.

Don’t worry about throwing an entire outfit of colour together, especially if you’ve been in black for the last decade. Just start small, and it can have an amazing effect on your mood, let alone the way you look. Try just a piece of jewellery (think gold!), a scarf, or even a handbag. A navy outfit with a bright yellow shoulder bag or yellow shoes can look amazing!

3. Experiment with colour pairings.

It’s not just the colours you wear that make a difference, but the way you put them together. Green worn with cream gives a springtime look, whereas red (its complementary colour) can help give drive and energy. Black with green can look stunning for a glamorous evening outfit or a professional business look. Think about how colours go together before your next big colour buy.

Read how some colours are more flattering than others here

Go on- Give colour a go.

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