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A rainbow of colour!

We can wear all colours- but it depends on the tone and depth of colour - for example, red can be more orange than red or a more deep wine colour. There will be a colour that suits you, which is what colour analysis does.

I thought I would take a selection of colours and have a bit of fun!

Red is like a superhero - bold and strong, always grabbing your attention! It's perfect for when you want to make a statement or show your power and confidence.

Orange is like a big hug from a best friend - warm, comforting, and cheerful! It's great for adding some fun and happiness to your day.

Yellow is like a ray of sunshine - bright, energetic, and happy! It's perfect for when you want to feel cheerful and optimistic.

Green is like a breath of fresh natural, calming, and refreshing air! It's great for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Blue is like the ocean - cool, calm, and serene! It's perfect for when you want to feel calm and collected.

Purple is like a royal crown - regal, elegant, and sophisticated! It's great for when you want to feel fancy and important.

Pink is like a bouquet of flowers - pretty, sweet, and romantic! It's perfect for when you want to feel feminine and delicate.

And finally, black is like a mystery - it's dark, powerful, and always a little bit mysterious! It's great for creating a dramatic and bold look.

So there you have it - colours can help you express yourself in fun and exciting ways - Whether you want to feel powerful, happy, or calm,

If you would like to learn about the colours that flatter you the most, book a consultation with me and learn a bit more!

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