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Are you a petite ?

Are you a petite fit and struggle to find clothes that fit?

I am only 5ft tall - on a good day, and this is a problem I am constantly finding - consequently I often make my own clothes. It is worth finding a good seamstress who can help and alter if necessary. Here is some information regarding petite clothing, why standard clothing doesn’t fit or even look “right”.

I'm here to help!

Did you know that petite and tall ranges are cut differently? (Petite doesn’t necessarily mean small - but refers to your height.)

The industry standard makes clothes for women between 5ft 4” and 5ft 8” anything outside this range and there are fitting problems! Petite usually refers to someone 5ft 3” or less.

It’s not just a case of shorter leg length or sleeve length - for example, a petite body shape would look swamped if the garment had a large pattern, large buttons or large patch pockets - Consequently the details such as pockets and lapels are made slightly smaller to be in proportion to the wearer and good designers take proportion into consideration when designing garments for different sized clients.

Another example is the crotch depth on trousers - for a tall person it would be far longer than a petite - you would end up with the waist under your bust!

Dresses are a big bug bear for me as the waist is usually on my hips, consequently, the fit looks terrible, usually very big and baggy round the top half. Which, if you are petite, I’m sure you’ve had the same problem.

The length between the nape (base of the back of the neck) and the waist varies depending on whether you are short - or tall! Usually the difference between a standard size and petite size the nape to waist measurement is approximately 2” shorter. Which does explain why dresses can fit so badly - the waist is always in the wrong place.

Scale is something I’m very aware of and take into consideration when buying something new. The new oversized look can soon make me look swamped! - ( tip - stick with fitted clothes)

Short or tall - we can all still look fabulous!

Tips on how to make yourself look taller

Here’s a few tips I use -

👗Wear a similar colour from top to toe. By wearing a similar colour all over you give the impression that you are taller than you are - if you cut yourself up by wearing two contrasting colours then you will cut yourself in half.

👗However - rules can be broken! A longline cardigan/coat that tones with your bottom half will also help elongate your shape.

👗Think vertical lines rather than horizontal

👗Choose small patterns and jewellery rather than large statement designs

👗Look for shoes with a low front (vamp)

👗Roll up your sleeves! - sounds daft, but it really works!

👗If you are wearing trousers with belt loops wear a belt that matches the trousers.

👗Shoes and legs to match - makes legs look longer eg black shoes/ black tights or trousers.

👗Nude coloured pumps or heeled court shoes look fab in summer.

When looking for clothes, seek out petite ranges and many stores are now realising that there are many vertically challenged women out there! So check out Boden, Next, M and S, Asos, Wallis, Hobbs and even Tu from Sainsburys! These all have a petite range, which is worth looking at.

Don’t forget -we can all look fabulous regardless of shape and size!

Want any help or advice? - Then don't hesitate to get in touch!

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