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I'm a petite too! Here's my tale -

CJStylist personal stylist

About me

I am just about 5ft tall - on a really good day! And, like most of the other petites out there, I have had my problems.

I have never been able to buy dresses “off the peg” as they never fit; the waist on the dress is too low, so it sits on my hips and just won’t fasten. I used to go home feeling fed up, and often decided that the problem was me. I was not normal.

I learnt at a very young age how to shorten trousers and jeans as I soon realised that rolling up trouser hems made me look even shorter, and definitely not the feminine look I was after.

My first job after leaving college was working in a department store in my local town - I was the assistant manager for ladies and childrenswear. I soon discovered that I could fit into some childrenswear - although the styles were pretty naf to be honest - but I carried on regardless, looking like an overgrown school girl and completely out of place.

I loved the way other women seemed to dress effortlessly, looking polished and stylish, but being short, no matter how hard I tried, nothing looked right.

So, I started sewing… something I still do today when I have the time. I really enjoy it and one of the main benefits is that the clothes I make actually fit (although I have been known to make huge mistakes)!

Clothes and fashions always change, and looser clothes that were less fitted became popular, and that is still the case today. Even since covid, people are wearing a more relaxed style since working from home became the norm. For me, though, back then those looser fitting clothes never really worked, I just looked as if I was wearing my father’s clothes. So much fabric and I was just swamped, making me look even smaller.

Along came the children and washable clothes

I had my children, so style wasn’t an issue - I was a mum and that really was my job description, too; as long as everything was washable then it was fine. I continued to sew and developed my patchwork and quilting skills - great for learning accuracy! As the children got older I taught classes and really enjoyed it.

I returned to retail once the children had left home, and went back into the fashion industry. I quickly learned how dressing women in the right clothes in the right colour was such an instant boost. I took a deep breath and went off to London, and did various courses - both on and offline to learn more about colour and style and how it works for women, and what an amazing effect it has.

Not all stores are the same

After the courses, I was asked to work at various stores and I thoroughly enjoyed them all, despite some being more challenging than others.

One job was working for a store that sold clothes to women over 5’6”. It was there that I received many comments, often derogatory, and some downright nasty. I was asked to work there for my skill as a stylist, not as a sideshow! One of the things you learn when you are not “run of the mill” is to be able to rise above comments, and if possible just laugh them off. It’s a good job I have a sense of humour… some would say warped!

Then came another life changing event - the menopause!

The menopause arrived and, oh boy, did that change things. Not only was I short, but now I had a tummy! I never was a size 4 but just comfortably curvy, but I suddenly became slightly more than a comfy curvy gal. Know the problem?

As women, we beat ourselves up because we feel we are not perfect. But what is perfect? Who decides what perfect is? I bet even models have some hangups about their body shape.

I’m not quite back to my pre-menopause size, but I’m getting there with a few blips every now and then (but hey, life is too short to be miserable isn’t it?).

Ever tried internet dating? - I have!

In the meantime, I decided to try my hand at internet dating - ooh what a revelation! I never knew there were so many snakes, sharks and odd bods out there.

One of the problems of the first date is what to wear. Do I go for professional, mumsy, sexy, or just smart? Some dates went well, and led to a second and even third date, others, well, the less said, the better! I was once given a couple of bags of flour, as my date was told that I would like flowers! (- he thought it was funny).

I'm human too

Like every woman out there, I too have hang ups about my weight and how I look. There are days when I have a bad hair day, the makeup doesn’t work and I look scruffy! Although I am a stylist, I am still human too! I am sure you can relate to all, or even some of my tales, and how I hope to show you that being petite does have its problems and issues, but they can be resolved, and that is exactly what I do.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can make you look younger, slimmer, your eyes brighter, and your skin clearer, with styles that make you look polished and put together, let’s connect.

Schedule a Zoom call with me for free right here.

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