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Sales, Shops and Savvy Spending

Shopping for clothes can be a nightmare for some, and there are some good reductions out there so, I thought to help you prepare for a positive experience, I would add a few pre-shopping tips.

👗Check what you already have in your wardrobe - especially those items you have never worn, why haven’t you worn them? What don’t you like about them? Learn from your mistakes.

👗Assess what you need, and don’t buy the same thing again - do you really need another white tee shirt? I remember doing a wardrobe edit for myself and discovered 10 white shirts! Now, who needs 10 white shirts? ! needless to say, I removed all but my favourites. It is so easy to know what works and just buy another one!

👗What are your successes in your wardrobe? Why do they work - is it colour, style or fit? You know if it's a success, you get compliments, your face lights up and you feel just amazing. If you know what works then you are halfway there!

👗How does your favourite outfit make you feel? Can you sum it up in three words? For example, it might make you feel slim, energetic, bubbly, younger, the list can go on. When you find an outfit in a shop does that outfit conjure up those same three words?

👗Take photos of what you already have, it's so easy to forget what is already at home - (especially if you are totally immersed in a sale rail) this will help you find complimentary garments or accessories - you could even start a Pinterest board.

👗Always do a bit of research on the web, you may not like the colour, or fabric when you see it in the store.

👗Set a budget, especially at sale time.

👗Always start with colour - find the colours that work best for you. A colour analysis is a great way to find out. If you would like to learn about the colours that flatter you the most - book a call with me to learn more.

👗It’s not always the best idea to shop with a friend, without even thinking she (or he) can impose their ideas onto your finds. Just because that garment looks amazing on your bestie, it doesn’t mean it will look equally as good on you - but something else will though

👗 Don’t be disheartened if you can’t find what you are looking for - it’s far better not to buy something that is not a “Hell yesssss!” than to have it sat in your wardrobe unworn. That is a lesson in what you don’t want!

👗 For online shopping - check out the returns policy....Just in case!

If you need help with shopping and styling then book a call

Have fun finding that special outfit!


Chris x

tel.07984 151 099

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