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Unlocking Fashion's Secret: Why Size Labels Are Irrelevant and How to Truly Dress for Success

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying on clothes in one store, only to find that they don't quite fit right, despite being labelled with your usual size? You're not alone. This phenomenon, known as vanity sizing, has become all too common in the fashion industry.

Picture this: you're browsing through racks of clothes, excited to find something new to add to your wardrobe. You grab a couple of items in your usual size, let's say a 14, and head to the fitting room. But as you try them on, they feel a little too tight. Disappointed, you head to another store and try on the same size, only to find that they fit perfectly – or even a bit loose. 

Sound familiar?

This discrepancy in sizing isn't due to fluctuations in your weight or body shape. It's a deliberate strategy employed by clothing manufacturers to cater to our desire for smaller sizes. They know that many of us are more likely to purchase if we can fit into a smaller size than we expected.

But here's the truth: size doesn't matter. What truly matters is the fit. I've encountered countless clients who have passed up on fabulous outfits simply because the size label didn't meet their expectations. It's a ridiculous notion that can have a significant impact on our confidence and self-image.

Wearing clothes that are too tight not only feels uncomfortable but can also make us appear larger than we are. On the other hand, clothes that are too big can leave us feeling frumpy and overwhelmed. The key is to ignore the size label and focus on how the garment makes you feel.

I've learned this lesson firsthand from my own wardrobe. Despite typically wearing a size 10-12, I once purchased a beautiful blouse in Singapore that was labelled XXL. Yes, you read that right – XXL in a country where the average woman is petite. And yet, it fit me perfectly. It goes to show that size is just a number, not an indicator of style or beauty.

(Needless to say, I’m no longer a size 10!!)

(Read how the column of colour can help us Petite women )

Instead of obsessing over sizes, embrace the idea that style transcends size ranges. If something doesn't fit quite right, don't hesitate to seek out a skilled seamstress who can work their magic. A simple tweak here or there can make all the difference, both in how you look and how you feel.

So the next time you're tempted to pass up on a stunning outfit because of its size label, remember: it's about the fit, not the size. 

Cut out the label!  

Fashion should be empowering and inclusive, regardless of our shape or size.

 Let's celebrate our individuality and embrace the mantra that style knows no bounds.

Chris x

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