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Why it's worth finding a good seamstress

They are not there just for shortening hems and repairing zips. With a bit of imagination, you can give your clothes a whole new lease of life! Not only that, but you may find an outfit that is not petite, but can be altered to fit you. Generally, items can be made smaller, but not larger! Think about items on the sale rails in stores - they are already a bargain, and having them altered to fit you may not cost the earth - still making them a bargain.

🧵You can recycle that dress you’ve never worn. Just have it restyled

🧵By shortening that skirt, it becomes more up-to-date than frumpy

🧵Try shortening sleeve length to bracelet length - show a bit of skin

🧵Have those shirts taken in to make them more fitted - or just change the buttons!

🧵Re-fit that jacket that looks large - then you'll wear it

These are just a few suggestions that a good seamstress can do… Don’t waste those clothes in your wardrobe that you have spent good money on, just have them re-modelled in a style that you will wear, that will be far less expensive than buying new ones.

A good seamstress will work with you and give you ideas that you may not have even thought of, ask her for her ideas - she may have thought of something you haven't.

Even royalty have outfits restyled. Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress was a Norman Hartnell dress designed for Queen Elizabeth II. She had it remodelled to bring it up to date - and it looked amazing!

What is there in your wardrobe that could do with a makeover?🧵

If you would like help with your wardrobe and what could be remodelled book a free call with me and see if I can help

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