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Unlock Your Wardrobe's Potential: A Guide to Clothing Alterations for Style Revival!

Are you guilty of hiding your clothes to the back of your wardrobe simply because they no longer fit quite right or seem outdated? These are garments you probably should sell, or donate but you just can’t - they may have sentimental value, or were just too expensive to ditch.

But the magic of clothing alterations can breathe new life into your wardrobe,  by transforming these special pieces into more stylish staples that you'll love to wear.

Alterations are not just reserved solely for hem shortening or zipper repairs. With a bit of creativity and the skilled hands of a talented seamstress, your clothing can be completely transformed.

Read this article for ideas

One golden rule of alterations: it's usually easier to make clothing smaller than larger. So, those oversized gems you spot on sale? They could be perfect candidates for a personalized fit. With some skilled adjustments, you could have some garments that's uniquely tailored to your shape and style.

Here are just a few ideas:

1. Revive Forgotten Pieces: 

That dress hiding at the back of your wardrobe? Think about a new lease on life with a restyle.

2. Modernise Your Look: 

Think about shortening that skirt that you think is dated -sometimes just by an inch is enough.

3. Coats and jackets: 

Too long sleeves? Stop rolling them up - have them shortened

4. Customize Fit:

Take oversized shirts or jackets and add a couple of darts for a flattering, more tailored look. 

And don't underestimate the impact of a simple button swap!

Even Royalty re-style clothes. Famously, Princess Beatrice transformed one of the Queen’s vintage Norman Hartnell dresses into a stunning modern masterpiece for her wedding day.

So, what's hiding in your wardrobe awaiting a makeover? Whether it's a neglected favorite or a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, find a skilled seamstress to give it an update. Together, you can breathe new life into your clothing collection, creating personalized pieces that reflect your unique style and fit like a dream.

Don't leave those garments to hide any longer. Embrace the art of clothing alterations and unleash your wardrobe's full potential! 🧵

Chris x

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