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Vanity sizing

Have you ever tried on several garments in one shop and in a particular size - lets say 14, and found them a little tight? And, there’s no way you are going to try on a larger size. So you wander to shop no 2 and try on a couple of items in a size 14 and wha hay!!!! They fit! What’s more, they are a little big! You knew you hadn’t put weight on.

So, where do you shop? I bet you purchased from the shop where they were a little less tight - or maybe you could even get into a size 12 - well, it's just a little tight - and you can lose a couple of pounds - right?

What a load of bunkum!

That’s called vanity sizing - manufacturers know that us gals will buy if the label states its a smaller size than we think we are…. Size does not matter

But what does matter is fit. I have had many clients that will not buy an outfit - even if it looks fabulous, just because the size label does not say what they want it to say! - Ridiculous isn’t it?

If we wear something too tight, it only makes us look larger, if it's too big, we look swamped. So ignore and cut out that size label and feel fabulous!!! If something doesn’t fit quite right, it's always worth seeking out a good seamstress - they are worth their weight in gold! A tweak here or there makes all the difference, not only to how you look, but how you feel too.

I know my wardrobe has at least three size ranges - and it's not just due to weight variations! I am normally a size 10 -12 but I bought a beautiful blouse in Singapore a few years ago - and that is XXL ! Now, I know that’s extreme, as Singapore ladies are particularly petite…. But you see what I mean.

Remember, its about the fit, not the size - style does not come in a size range!

Go on, tell all, have you done this?

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