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Underwear bits and bobs!

I have done a short series on underwear and its importance in the fit of an outfit. Not only does our underwear have to feel comfortable, we like it to look nice and help our outer garment look fabulous. Many expensive garments have been ruined by the wearer wearing the wrong underwear.

(Image courtesy of Bravissimo)

Here are my suggestions for other underwear to consider -

  • Reusable nipple guards - essential for underneath sheer fabrics - t-shirts, blouses etc. Save any embarrassing blushes!

  • Waist slips - again excellent for shaping and stopping that “see-through” look - especially in the summer when we wear lightweight fabrics. Go for a nude colour - then it can be worn under every colour, and not just white

  • Full-length slips - if you are wearing a dress that may cling - even just a little bit, then a full-length slip with help smooth any lumps and bumps, and also help the dress hang so much better. Go for shapewear if you would like a little more shaping - but you don’t have to

  • Shoulder pads - these are great if you have sloping shoulders, or you feel as if you need a little structure in your jacket or blouse - experiment with them - they really can make a difference.

  • Shapewear in general - don’t go for a size smaller than you normally are - it won’t make you look any smaller, you will just feel more uncomfortable.

  • Nude-coloured bras are useful - as I’ve previously mentioned - a nude colour will become invisible under any sheer fabric. White bras under a white sheer blouse will still be seen.

  • Be careful with strapless bras - I have found those I’ve tried on just give me a peculiar shape - more of a horizontal roll! Depending on your size you may find the perfect one.

  • If you are going to look for an outfit for a special occasion please wear the underwear (or something very similar) you will be wearing on the day - it makes such a difference. I have seen women trying on outfits wearing a sports bra and then wondering why the fit looks awful!

  • If you like to wear tights or stockings and are going to be wearing open-toed sandals, there are open-toed tights available! Look for sheer matt leg wear - generally the finer the denier, the sheerer they will look - but it's all personal preference. There is always a tan you can buy in a bottle for legs!

I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas. Perhaps there are things here you have never thought of - or didn’t even know existed!

All these items can help us look and feel fabulous - they may be small tweaks but they work!

If you would like help with anything colour, style, or wardrobe - then book a free no-obligation call with me- It's amazing how just a chat can help!

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