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Unlock Your Confidence: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Fit Bra

(This bra is the Embrace Lace bra from Wacoal )

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of a well-fitting bra. The majority of women are not wearing the correct size of bra, and it can make such a difference to your overall look. It should be smooth over your skin, with no “overhang” or gaps.

Not only does it feel comfortable, but it will make your clothes look so much better too.

If you are buying online, many of the companies will show you how to measure yourself, once measured - order several in different sizes, to send those back that don’t fit. Once you receive your bras - try them on under a white t-shirt - you will then see how it would look under clothes - would you require nipple guards for instance? And always check the back view.

The better option is to have a bra fitting - all lingerie stores will offer this and it is invaluable. There is no need to feel embarrassed, these ladies are experts at their job and will find you the bras that fit perfectly.

So whether it’s a sports bra or a lacy bra, go and get fitted you will feel better, your clothes will hang better and you may well look slimmer too! The salesperson will look at you from the back, as well as the front, making sure that the fit is perfect.

If you are looking for a dress for a special occasion, please wear the underwear that you will wear on that day. I have seen women trying on beautiful dresses whilst wearing a sports bra, and then they wonder why it didn’t look right!

Marks and Spencer offer a bra fitting service ( book in advance.) and they have bras in all price ranges.

Stores such as Rigby and Peller and Leia may have more expensive brands, perfect for a special occasion - as well as everyday styles.

Check out those small independent stores too.

We deserve to feel special - even if just for ourselves!

Chris x

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