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We all wear them - but do you opt for the big knickers as they feel comfier?

There are so many different styles out there - thong, shorts, Brazilian, French, hipster, and the list goes on.

My first consideration is comfort. They must be comfortable and not dig in, roll down - or roll up on the leg if they are shorts. I often suggest buying a size larger than you normally would to avoid them being too tight.

If you have a tummy, then bikini knickers would probably not be the best option as the top of the knicker can roll down, and feel uncomfortable. So go for deeper knicker styles instead.

You may prefer cotton for every day, but companies such as M and S and Triumph, Stripe and Stare do produce lacy styles. Don’t think for one minute that just because the knickers come up to your waist, they can’t look attractive - of course they can!

Think of those silky french knickers that were popular (and still are!).

For those of you who are blessed with larger thighs, look for high-leg styles - these will look flattering as well as feel good. This gorgeous pink set are from

If you like to wear shapewear - again, make sure that it's comfortable - don’t mistakenly go down a size, thinking they will help you be a size smaller. I wouldn’t recommend you wear shapewear every day - but it can help an outfit hang better for that special occasion.

Knickers that offer a no VPL (visible panty-line) can be great under silky trousers or skirts - but go for a nude colour, rather than black or white. The nude colour will “vanish” under white or lighter colours.

There are serviceable knickers for the gym and general day wear. But it’s always nice to wear a lacy pair when you want to feel extra special. Underwear is the foundation for helping our clothes hang better and look better too. But also we have to think about ourselves, and how our underwear makes us feel.

So ditch those baggy grey knickers that were once white, and find some lovely styles that make you feel fabulous!

Always hand wash expensive lingerie - it will last so much longer, and don’t put it in the dryer!

There is beautiful underwear out there for every woman - whatever your shape or size. Don't stick with the boring stuff!

If you would like help or advice whether on colour and/or style, book a free call with me - with no obligation and see if I can help!

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