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How to dress a dress!

I found this gorgeous petite dress on the Hobbs website and thought it looked just right for a wedding or special occasion. I love the fabric design on this dress, and how there is not a heavy straight line between the plain fabric and the pattern. It blends upwards.

However, I am a great believer in making garments work for their money - so here are some ideas on how I would make this dress work for more occasions.

This is a shift dress, fitted, but not tight, and it has some stretch, making it comfortable. This style of dress can be found worldwide, and so even if this dress is not available in your country, I'm sure you could find a similar style. As the dress is dark near the face, I would suggest either a pearl necklace or a plain silver necklace- nothing too dramatic as it would deter from the beautiful design on the fabric.

Many don't like sleeveless dresses, so I would suggest wearing a short jacket or bolero. Both Navy and off-white would look fabulous. The bolero would make the dress look more relaxed, the jacket more formal. Another alternative is a plain coloured pashmina draped across the shoulders - great if it's a bit chilly!

This jacket is perfect with the dress, making it a beautiful outfit for any formal occasion.

Again, this jacket is from Hobbs. Note how the jacket sits on the waist and the sleeves are only 3/4. If they prove too long, then have them shortened to elbow length.

However, let's not just have this dress for formal occasions,

How about wearing it for lunch with the girls, or a meal out with your partner? In which case why not add a denim jacket? (this one is from Roman) Either in the blue- or off-white would look good. Or even a casual linen jacket would work. Another idea for keeping the dress less formal is wearing a longer knitted cardigan or coatigan - again in the navy or off-white.

Heels would keep the dress looking formal, but I would choose nude heels - whereas flats would make it look more relaxed. Perhaps you like to wear trainers with dresses - then go for that too!

Both these shoes are from M and S.

These are just a few ideas that I use to try and make a dress work for more than one occasion. I hope they have given you some ideas, and perhaps you have a dress in your wardrobe that you don't wear because you don't know how to make it look less formal.

Experiment with what you have - you may be surprised that you can make new outfits, just by shopping in you wardrobe!

If you would like any ideas - then why not get in touch? Click on the link and jump on a call

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