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7 Ways To Revamp Your Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn has well and truly arrived, and it's time to put away sandals, and sleeveless tops. So, out comes our boots, sweaters, cardigans, scarves and woolly hats. It's time to give your wardrobe a good clear out - remove anything that doesn’t belong in there, you'll have some spring/summer clothes that you will be able to wear throughout autumn, even maybe in the depths of winter (think layering).

Those short-sleeved tee shirts will look great underneath a quality cardigan - check out those cardigans that are fitted - it needn’t be a huge baggy shapeless one (although they are fab worn in front of a fire on a miserable Sunday afternoon).

Here’s my 7 top tips to make sure you're autumn ready:

1. Boots and shoes

Do they need soleing or heeling? Are they in need of a good polish? Always store your boots with a filler in the leg - either a boot shaper or even just newspaper is good - it helps keep their shape. I have noticed that the heels on my shoes are scuffed - mainly due to the gravel on my driveway. Your friendly cobbler will be able to help there- I’m sure!

2. Bags

Are you swapping your summer coloured bags for darker coloured ones? - are they full of rubbish? - receipts, old lipsticks, and other junk, do they need a polish too? Check out handbag inserts - you fill them up with your essentials and then just move them from bag to bag - genius!

3. Sweaters

Are they bobbled? Look for those de-fuzzers, specially made for bobbly sweaters. Knitwear also can stretch over time - take a good look at them, and make sure they still look fabulous! If they look big and baggy, maybe it's time they went!

4. Scarves

A great inexpensive way of lifting an outfit - and with the added bonus of keeping you warm! There’s the thick scarves, to wear with coats and jackets, but also look for finer ones - they will look great over tee shirts, without the bulk. Do you need any more? Do you have a good range of colours?

5. Hats

Do you wear hats? I love my baseball caps - but when it starts to get chilly, It’s time for bobble hats! - there are lots out there, and in all colours! I also like to wear a buff when I’m out walking - which is like a wide headband - it helps keep my hair in place when it's windy - they also double up as a neck scarf, and balaclava.

6. Cosiness

Invest in some cozy pj’s, comfortable new underwear, and a nice new dressing gown for those chilly nights - makes curling up on the sofa with a glass of something just bliss! Don’t forget some luxury socks and slippers too!

7. Stock-Up

The things to stock up on are camisoles/ vests, socks - fluffy ones to wear with pj’s, and thinner ones to wear with boots, tights, in varying weights to wear with skirts and dresses. Are your knickers and bras ready for an update? Some independent lingerie boutiques are open and will let you try on - check first though, as you may need to make an appointment (make sure to grab my free shopping guide for petites here to make this process easier).

It’s not the bad weather that’s the problem - we’re just wearing the wrong clothes!

Do some wardrobe shopping and see how you can look fabulous this autumn!

Do you need any help with your wardrobe? I can help you - via Zoom and we can go through your wardrobe and maybe find some combinations that you’ve not thought of! Send me a message and we can have a chat!

Enjoy the autumn and its amazing colour display!

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