Promotional Magazines

Promotional Magazines

Now is the time of year that those promotional magazines drop on our doormats. I am getting quite a collection But, I think they are quite a useful tool - they certainly are for me as I can shop for ideas for Christmas whilst on the sofa - shopping is tricky enough as it is at the moment. But, not only that, many of them include clothing and accessories not only as gifts but for me!

Use them as tools to give you ideas of how to wear clothes - yes, I know the majority of the models are tall and slim, but nevertheless, there are still ideas to be had.

You also know that many of these clothes will be in the sale in late December and January - don’t always bank on them being reduced though - the most popular lines are often held at full price. But then, this year is different - and many companies may just do a blanket percentage reduction. Hobbs, Phase Eight, and many others have done over the past few weeks.

My plan is to look at these magazines and pick out the best - I will be writing about my suggestions in my online style community…. If you’ve not seen it yet click the link below and take a peek. There are over 20 articles and videos on there already, and more are constantly being added...This is a community I’ve built to help women like you look and feel fabulous - regardless of shape or size. So, take a look and let's look fabulous together!

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