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Summer Coats

Hi! Well, it's proving a wet May - and as I write this there are thunderstorms, and rain is threatening! So, I thought, I’d turn my attention to macs, and rainwear in general. I just love my red trench from Hobbs - it's a few seasons old now, but I just love the colour- especially when the weather is not at its best. Colour is something to bear in mind when choosing a mac or coat - I tend to think that dark colours, are fine for the right occasion, and then a dark coat can always be brightened up with a fab scarf! but when the weather is gloomy - we shouldn’t be!

I have found a couple of petite-sized coats ( they are in stock as I write this )- what do you think?

Hobbs have this great trench, (as I write this anyway) in petite sizing , and it comes in a variety of colours - The Saskia £199. Not sure about the buttons? - Change them for pale blue to match the coat and they will vanish!

And for those of you who love a print, how about this printed cotton trench from Boden, also in petite £170. It looks so unusual.

Here’s hoping for those long hot summer days we just long for! But, It’s always nice to have a coat to fall back on when the weather turns!

Let’s look Fabulous!!

Chris xx

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