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We are petite - and amazing

I have been seeing lots of posts on my social media recently on how women perceive themselves - and it’s so sad.

It doesn’t matter whether you are petite (less than 5ft 3ins) or not, we are all unique and that’s exactly how it is intended to be.

Women will go into a fitting room and try on a dress, and it doesn’t fit - so, who do they blame? Themselves!

But, why?

The problem is with the outfit and not our bodies.

Men, on the other hand, will try on a suit, knowing that it won’t fit, often the hem on the trousers is not finished, and maybe the waistband too - but they know that it will be altered to fit them.

So, to all ladies out there, whether petite or not, stop blaming yourself for clothes not fitting properly - it is not your fault!

It’s about time we started loving ourselves - we are all perfect in our own unique way.

A recent comment from one of my clients -

“My confidence is increasing as I start to like myself again.” AJ

I just love to hear comments like this - Brilliant!

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