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"Unlocking Confidence: How Embracing Your Unique Style Can Transform Your Presence"

Many years ago, in my previous life, I embarked on one of many memorable business trips to the US with my late husband, and our destination was Nashville. It was a bustling time due to various conferences, and I found myself mingling with esteemed Professors and Doctors from across the globe, all leaders in their respective fields.

Amidst the crowd of intellectuals, I, a student of textile art with a focus on quilting, felt out of place. (This was before I turned my skills into styling, and this singular event triggered my interest in styling petite women like myself) The conversations were casual, devoid of technical jargon, yet I remained unnoticed. It was like I was invisible amidst towering intellects, reduced to a mere novelty.

When asked about my occupation by one of the Doctors, I hesitantly mentioned my quilting skills, only to receive a patronising pat on the head and sympathetic glances. Their attention swiftly shifted away, leaving me feeling insignificant and dismissed.

In that moment, I couldn't help but reflect on the challenges petite women like myself often face in various aspects of life. However, I've come to learn that embracing one's unique sense of style can be empowering. It doesn’t matter what occupation - or whether you are made to feel undervalued (you’re not) but understanding what works best for yourself in terms of colour and clothing can instil confidence, making a noticeable difference in how one is perceived.

It's not about your clothes' price tag but how well they complement you. Ill-fitting pieces regardless of the price tag don’t compare to well-fitted, affordable clothing. So, before reaching for the first item in your wardrobe, it's worth asking, 

"Does this make me feel fabulous?"

And interestingly, I found that a simple change in terminology, from "quilting" to "textile artist," garnered a different response altogether.

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