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Tales from a petite

I remember a few years ago I went on an overseas business trip to the US with my late husband - we stayed in Nashville - and had a fabulous time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was conference season, and we were mixing with Professors and Doctors from all over the world - many leaders in their field of expertise

However, at the time I was studying for a degree course in textile art, which included quilting as one of the modules.

I stood amongst all these eminent people and was totally ignored - it was general chit chat - nothing technical. They all towered above me and I felt totally insignificant.

I was then asked by one of the Doctors what I did - (my husband was the businessman) I explained I was doing some quilting at the time - to which I almost got a pat on the head, and a sympathetic look, then their backs were turned on me as they continued to ignore me!

I felt like the little woman who must be humoured.

Has anything like that happened to you?

Now, I’m not sure whether if I was 5ft 8ins tall, things would have been different, but I certainly felt put in my place.

As petite women, we certainly can find challenges in all aspects of life, but knowing what works for you with colour and dress style can certainly help - it gives us that confidence knowing that you look the very best version of yourself, and believe me, it is noticed! Clothes do not have to be expensive, but they just have to be the right colour for you, and fit well.

In fact designer clothes fitting poorly look worse than less expensive clothes fitting well!

So, before you grab the first thing you see in your wardrobe, just ask yourself “Do I look fabulous in this?”

By the way, once I changed the words from “Quilting” to a “Textile Artist” that changed things a bit too!

If you need any help finding the right clothes for you, then get in touch for a no obligation conversation - I’m always ready for a chat!

Click on the link to book:

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