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Is your son or daughter getting married this year?

It’s coming up to wedding season. The stores are now getting in outfits for the wedding party, so whether you are a close family member or a guest, here are some guidelines that may help you find that perfect outfit.

Consider the formality of the wedding: The formality will often dictate what is appropriate to wear as a mother of the bride or groom. For a formal wedding, opt for a dressy outfit, such as a long gown or dress suit, while a more casual wedding may call for a smart dress or separates. Give yourself plenty of time before the wedding to find it. The dress needn’t be a typical “mother of the bride” dress - you want to fit in within your personality.

Please don’t find something that you will slim into - make sure it fits you now!

  1. Footwear - if it’s an informal wedding - say in a barn or marquee, then flat shoes or wedge heels would be appropriate. (they won’t sink into the grass!)Whereas for something more formal wear heels.

  2. For mothers of the bride or groom, think about the wedding colours: It's traditional for the mothers of the bride to coordinate with the wedding colours, but you don't have to match them exactly. Consider wearing a dress in a similar hue or incorporating accents of the wedding colours in your accessories. You may want to speak to the other close family member and see what colour she is wearing.

  3. Choose a flattering silhouette: Opt for a silhouette that flatters your body shape, such as an A-line dress, empire waist, or wrap dress. Avoid styles that are too tight or too revealing, as this is a formal occasion.

  4. Remember that whatever you choose to wear may have to be altered, or you could have a dress made for you - it will be unique!

  5. Work within your budget. A less expensive outfit can look amazing if the fit is right, whereas an expensive outfit that doesn’t fit well will not help you look your best.

  6. Focus on comfort: You'll be on your feet for a good part of the day, so choose an outfit that is comfortable and easy to move in. Consider wearing low-heeled shoes or shoes with support for added comfort. Even a change of shoes may be a good idea.

  7. Add special touches: Add special touches, such as a statement necklace, earrings, or a handbag, to complete your look. Consider wearing a unique piece of jewellery, such as a family heirloom, to add a personal touch to your outfit.

  8. Above all - enjoy looking for the outfit that works for you.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit on your daughter's or son’s big day. So choose a style and silhouette that makes you feel your best and represents your personal style.

If you want help finding that perfect outfit, get in touch!

And most of all enjoy the day!

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