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How to be perfectly petite

What exactly is petite? Well, it doesn't refer to dress size but height. Some stores regard petite as someone who is under 5ft 4ins

others it's 5ft 3ins, but you can see, if you are 4ft 11ins - that can make a big difference.

Us petites can have so many problems when it comes to buying an outfit. Not only are legs and sleeves too long, but you may find that the pockets and lapels just look huge!

Those who have long legs, but a shorter torso, may well find that they can buy regular sized trousers, but just in a short length.

Alternatively, those with shorter legs, but a longer torso may well find that they can wear regular sized tops, but need the petite range in trousers and skirts.

Your best friend has to be a seamstress, as having garments altered can make such a difference.

As a petite girl myself, I know and understand the problems. Often, we come away from an unsuccessful shopping trip and blame ourselves for being the wrong size and shape! We go home disheartened and wonder why we bother.

There are lots of tips to help balance out proportions, and how to look put together, even if you are petite.. In the coming weeks I will be telling you how you can look taller, and more polished.

My aim is to help all women, regardless of size and shape to look and feel fabulous!

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