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Holiday Ready?

Going on holiday? Not sure what clothes to pack?

Let’s face it, we’re out of practice! For many, holidays are only just on the agenda again.

For those of you heading out for a break here are my top tips for what to take on holiday -

☀️What are you going to be doing - walking, sightseeing, sunbathing, make sure you have a good idea of what you are going to need.

☀️Check the weather forecast, and choose accordingly

☀️Footwear - make sure they are comfortable, feet can swell in the heat

☀️Lay all your chosen garments out, and try and weed out what doesn’t work - think with your head, not your heart!

☀️Make sure each garment works with as many others as possible…eg Tshirts with shorts, trousers or skirts

☀️Don’t take an item that will only go with one other item, e.g. that pink shirt that only goes with the pink shorts!

☀️Some garments can double up eg. linen shirts make great jackets over a cami or vest. Sarongs be versatile too

☀️Always have room to bring purchases back!

☀️Enjoy your holiday!

Just a few tips to help you get sorted, and not take everything but the kitchen sink!

I have been known to overpack in the past… we don’t need half as much as we think we will!

There are many more tips like these in my eBook on how to have a wonderful wardrobe - Check it out here

Most of all, have a wonderful holiday!


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