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Colour of the Year 2023

Pantone releases a “colour of the year” they take into account the colour trends throughout the current year and the colour chosen takes into consideration all aspects of society from fashion to politics.

This year the colour chosen is Viva Magenta and they describe it as “powerful and empowering, encouraging the freedom of self-expression and experimentation”

Now that is all well and good, but how do we relate this colour to what we wear? I’m hoping that I can help.

Perhaps it's not a colour you would wear from top to toe, but as an accent - eg in accessories. It would look fabulous worn with navy, black or even white.

Those of you who are cautious about wearing colour - why not experiment with this or a similar colour?

It is blue/ red, so it would suit those who have a cool skin tone - for those already colour-coded as summers or winters.

Lipsticks, scarves, bags and jewellery, all would look fabulous in this colour. Look at paler versions, if you prefer, pinks or deeper shades such as burgundy.

A bright cerise would look great teamed with denim.

Think jeans, a navy Breton top and a cerise bag. It would look so much softer than a bright red bag.

I hope I have given you a few suggestions and encouragement to try a cerise colour and its variations. It’s all about experimenting and finding what you feel comfortable with.

This outfit is from

This tassel necklace is also from Kettlewell.

If you would like help with colour, or style, then book a call with me - with no obligation. It’s amazing the difference just having a call can make.

I share lots of hints and tips to help petite women find the colours and clothes that both flatter and fit - why not sign up to my newsletter and get a free copy of How to Look Perfectly Petite? Just click on the link below.

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