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Coffee in the garden anyone?

Hopefully, the bitterly cold weather we have been having has now gone - well, I expect we will have the odd chilly day, it is Britain after all!

I have written about thermals - which just now seems totally silly, as I am sitting here in a long sleeved tee shirt- I haven’t stopped wearing a cami though - yet

Like everyone else, I am so looking forward to the warmer weather with sunshine - when I can sit outside with a coffee or something stronger

As a stylist I’m expected to look smart at all times - well, with dog walks out in the country, which are incredibly muddy at the moment, wearing anything remotely smart is out of the question. It may well start looking smart, but not for long!

However, I must admit, I do feel better wearing something that I love and that makes me feel “put together”. So, style is not about being “in the height of fashion” or wearing something that is totally inappropriate for the occasion but about making you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, and, looking just fabulous!

It can be a pair of well fitting jeans and a white tee shirt or a new dress from your favourite high street store, maybe accessorised with classy, but not necessarily expensive items.

So, don’t give up on your style this lockdown - If you’re not into shopping, check out what you already own, dig deep in your wardrobe and rediscover your favourite pieces and get them out!

Spring is on its way

If you fancy a chat about anything colour or style - give me a call.....

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