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Age and style musings

We get to an age where we are just not interested in teenage models and airbrushed celebs. As a personal stylist who works with petite women, I’m going to embrace getting older and being more experienced - in all walks of life.

At long last I feel as if there are more women in the limelight who are older, take Brenda Blethen and Helen Mirren for starters. Both look fabulous, and have their own individual style.

So, why should we try and look 21 again?

Look for clothes that are classics, rather than trying to follow fashion… and… no… it needn’t be boring! Pep your style up with colour and accessories, whether it's a vibrant handbag or a funky necklace! (check out Iris Apfel!)

The gorgeous petite Esme Young wore a necklace made from hand sanitiser bottles on The Sewing Bee!

Let's not look invisible, but fabulous!

What are we never too old for? My suggestions are, but not limited to, denim, animal print, a new lipstick and yoga but I’m sure you have your own ideas too. But the one thing I would say is pay attention to the cut and fit of your clothes, spend a little more on a jacket, buy quality shoes and proper underwear…. These make all the difference.

I found this lovely quote from Emma Thompson

“…….People wanting to be 35 when they're 50 makes me think:

why? Why don’t you be 50 and be good at that?”

What are your thoughts?

Join my Facebook group HERE just for petite women like you!

Chris x

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