Stylish Face masks

As we move forwards during this pandemic, we are asked to wear facemasks. Not something we all relish! But let's make this as pleasant as is possible and wear masks that suit us! Now, I dislike the black masks, as I think they look intimidating….. And they are certainly not flattering! - as we can only show our eyes, a black mask can emphasise the bags, and dark shadows!

😷Match your facemask to your eye colour or your favourite outfit

😷Have a go at making one! - it's not too tricky, and you don’t need a sewing machine


😷There are lots of companies out there that are making masks using lovely patterned fabrics, many are also using sustainable and upcycled fabrics,with profits going to charities.

😷Wash the mask regularly at the hottest temperature for the fabric.

😷Carry your used mask in a paper bag

😷Don’t wear the same mask all day

😷Look after your skin if you have to wear a mask for a long time. Cleanse and tone properly!

😷Don’t wear a mask dangling from one ear!

😷Don’t wear your mask under your chin!

😷Don’t wear it on your elbow!!

😊And remember - smile with your eyes!😊

How are you getting on with your mask?

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