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My thoughts and tips about T-shirts

Most women love their T-shirts, and they come in all shapes and in different fabrics.

Those that have a bit of lycra, or elastane in, generally are more fitted, whereas those that are made of 100% cotton or linen, are generally a loose fit. Sports tops are usually in man made fibres, specifically designed for their cooling properties - so if its sports-wear you’re looking for - go for specialist clothing, rather than making that old cotton t-shirt do! ( although check out whether you enjoy the sport before you splash out on gear!


Linen t-shirts are lovely and cool to wear on hot days, that slub (or small bobble ) of fabric that you get with linen is not a fault, but is one of its characteristics. The downside of linen is that is does crease, but, like marmite, you either love it or hate it

There are so many styles out there - crew neck, V neck, boat neck - the list is endless, but bear in mind that crew necks, if too high can be uncomfortable, and can be unflattering, especially if you have a larger bust, however, wear a crew neck with a colourful scarf, or a piece of jewellery and, or a jacket, it makes it much more flattering, as you have then formed a vertical line, which is so flattering for a petite woman.

Also, be aware that if the sleeve ends at your widest part - that will also make you look larger than you actually are, ¾ sleeves are much more flattering.

Necklines that are lower, are much easier to wear, as you are now showing a bit of flesh - and there is the space for your favourite piece of jewellery too

Talking about hemlines - just make sure the hemline is not at the widest part of your body - like the sleeves, if the hem ends on the widest part of your hips, it will make them look larger…. Ruffle the t-shirt up a bit! If the t-shirt is too long then consider having it shortened - it won't cost the earth and is worth it if you've bought a quality one.

White t-shirts, especially the cheaper ones can be quite see-through - so look out for double-lined t-shirts. These have two layers of fabric on the front only - this helps with modesty, and avoids showing every stitch on your underwear.

Don’t avoid stripy t-shirts, they can look fabulous under a jacket, and can give a real “pop” of colour. Logos are a bit of fun too, but avoid wearing jewellery with a logo on a t-shirt - can be a bit much.

A good friend of mine wore her t-shirt, which had the word “Saturday” printed on the front. She wore a jacket over it, which then promptly covered over the letters SA and AY - work it out!!

I hope this has been useful, the weather is improving and we are all bringing out our summer wardrobes, and re-discovering what we’ve got! Let’s enjoy summer, knowing we look and feel fabulous!

If you would like to talk further and learn about the colours and styles that suit you then book a call

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