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Stores vs Internet Shopping

Shopping? Do you prefer to shop online or visit the stores? They both have their advantages and disadvantages - but I go with store shopping every time! - well, almost !

Shopping online often means buying several outfits of different sizes to find what fits, and, bear in mind, those pictures you see are, more often than not, of young women of size 8-10 with the added help of a few pins and tape! Then the clothes arrive - you can try them on in the comfort of your own home, with your favourite underwear and accessories. The downside is then having the added performance of sending back what doesn’t work. The other problem is that you can’t feel the fabric- I like to know the quality! I have several friends who spend a fortune on 10-12 dresses only to have to send them all back as none of them look anything like the pictures!

Alternatively, shopping in store should be a pleasant experience - you should be made the centre of attention, where nothing is too much trouble. This is where a Personal Stylist is worth her (or his) weight in gold. You can save an absolute fortune, and time, by letting your stylist do all the legwork for you. I have helped clients find their occasion outfit in a couple of hours- whereas they have spent weeks looking - and a lot of visits to the returns depot in the process!

There are just a few simple rules to follow when looking for that special outfit -

Make sure you are wearing the correct underwear - the right underwear - whether shapewear or not can make an enormous difference to the fit and look of an outfit.

Shoes - the shop should provide you with a pair, to see what the outfit looks like with heels (if you wear them). Try it with shoes that you would wear with the outfit - don’t try it with 6” heels if you always wear flats.

Be in the right frame of mind, and be prepared to have a “play” with jackets, accessories, and styles you wouldn’t normally try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

The staff in the store should be attentive and helpful - and most importantly- honest! If not - leave! Bear in mind they may well be on commission, and have sales targets to meet. Another reason to choose a good personal stylist!

Take photos - once you have narrowed your choice down to 2 or 3 outfits, take photos of each, and then go for a coffee, clear your mind, and then go back to the photos and take a good look. This makes choosing so much easier.

Whatever you choose, make sure you can wear the outfit at least a dozen times! Find out how to “tone it down” or “dress it up” so it can be worn for a pub lunch, as well as an evening dinner at a special restaurant.

Be mindful that whatever you choose, you may need some help from a good seamstress to make minor alterations - maybe shorten the dress by a couple of centimetres, or take in a seam - don’t let that put you off, again, a stylist will be able to give advice.

The high street is changing rapidly, as our shopping habits are also changing, and we are losing stores. I am a firm believer in great customer service, if you are looking for that special outfit, then you need to feel special in the store - perhaps we should go back to the days when you made an appointment at the store, were given refreshments whilst a collection would be modelled for you ! As a customer who is spending hard earned money - shouldn’t we be made to feel important? I aim to make all my clients feel special, and thoroughly enjoy the experience, whether its a wardrobe edit, a chat about style or looking for that special outfit. If you would like to have a chat about how you dress - get in touch!

Let’s look fabulous!


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