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It's about easy style without the price-tag

Sound familiar?


✔️ Petite, over 50, and fed up with not feeling confident?

✔️Trousers never the right length? Waistlines never the right fit?

✔️ Always wearing black? 

✔️ Wanting to wear colour, but not sure how to start?

✔️ Have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

✔️ Overwhelmed when going shopping - too much choice?

✔️ Wanting to look stylish, but don't know how?

✔️ Think children's departments are the only option?

My membership community is here to help.

It's about making good style know-how affordable, accessible, and something that doesn't get in the way. 

This community is all things style for the AMAZING petite woman over 50, whether she's suddenly realised that she's got time for herself again or just decided to find it!

Our bodies change shape, our lives change shape and looking and feeling fabulous can be a bit more of a challenge as we get older. This is exactly why Let's Look Fabulous is here. 

Join us in our goal: to help you become more confident both inside and out.

Expect a membership hub (a bit like your favourite social media platforms, without the distractions), with articles, how-tos, tick lists and more. From trends, to colours, to how to shop for your perfect pair of petite jeans; this is a community of people just like you, ready to feel and look their best.

Every month, the Let's Look Fabulous community get:

  • The latest in fashion trends - are they really right for you right now?

  • Colour advice - how to wear it, how not to wear it

  • Shopping tips - from buying jeans to the best way to get discounts

  • Cheat sheets 

  • Live videos

  • Q&As

  • And the best community going

Try it out for a month for just £4, £9.99/month thereafter, cancel anytime.

Can't wait to see you over there!

Chris x

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