Working wardrobe

It looks like we’ll all be soon returning to work, although I’m sure there’ll be many who continue to work from home, with virtual Zoom meetings. So, how are we feeling about our work wear? Our work clothes have probably been in the wardrobe unworn. Work is our main source of income and therefore we should dress accordingly. It’s worth spending that little more to make your clothes work for you in the workplace. Have you noticed how different you feel when you’ve got dressed up for a zoom meeting rather than sticking to your pj’s or sports gear? Personally, by adding some jewellery, makeup and smart clothes makes all the difference to how I feel. What image do you wish to portray? Approacha

Online Colour Analysis and Styling

I hope this finds you and yours all well and coping with life with a smile! It’s quite testing and we all have good and not so good days. And that’s fine - make sure to go easy on yourself. I’ve managed to keep pretty busy with the garden and doing my live Facebook chats - which I hope you have enjoyed and found helpful! (There’s more to come too!). If you've not seen them yet, make sure to join the group and check out my past videos here: I’m also really excited about finally being able to offer colour analysis and style consultations online! What a time - I'm so glad I've been able to pivot my business offering. And trust me, the methods I c

My thoughts and tips about T-shirts

T-shirts come in all shapes and in different fabrics. Those that have a bit of lycra, or elastane in, generally are more fitted, whereas those that are made of 100% cotton or linen, are generally a loose fit. Sports tops are usually in man made fibres, specifically designed for their cooling properties - so if its sports-wear you’re looking for - go for specialist clothing, rather than making that old cotton t-shirt do! ( although check out whether you enjoy the sport before you splash out on gear!!) Linen t-shirts are lovely and cool to wear on hot days, that slub (or small bobble ) of fabric that you get with linen is not a fault, but is one of its characteristics. The downside of linen is

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